December 11, 2023

Our Unlikely Journey into the World of 3D Printing

The Spark: A Costly Logo

It all started with our logo. Simple enough, right? We wanted to create something special, something tangible that could represent our brand. So, we turned to an online service for a 3D printed version of our logo. Simple, efficient, and... incredibly expensive. We were quoted a price that made our wallets collectively weep. But, as they say, necessity is the mother of invention.

The Leap: Double or Nothing

Admittedly, our knowledge about 3D printers was as flat as a freshly printed sheet of paper. We didn't know our extruders from our filaments. So, we did what any sensible team would do – we asked around. Tapping into the collective wisdom of our network, we gathered insights from those more experienced. One recommendation stood out:

"Bambulab is the Apple of 3D printing."

Intrigued, we did our research. After a bit of digging, we discovered something surprising. The cost of buying our own 3D printer was only double the price (600€) of that single logo print. It promised a quick setup – from unboxing to printing in 15 minutes.

Now, in a normal world, one might balk at such a price. But in the adventurous spirit of Craft Clarity, we saw an opportunity. Why not invest a bit more and see where this new technology could take us?

The Experiment:
Beyond the Logo

With zero experience in 3D printing, we dove headfirst into the deep end. There were trials and errors, moments of frustration, and unexpected successes. We weren't just printing logos anymore; we were exploring a whole new realm of possibilities.

The Surprise Hit:
Phone Holders for Christmas

As Christmas approached, we wanted to share something unique with our partners and clients. Enter the credit card-sized phone holders – our unexpected hit!

3D Printed Phone Holders in different colors
3D Printed Phone Holders in different colors

These nifty little gadgets, born from our newfound 3D printing obsession, were sent out as Christmas gifts, accompanied by a link to this blog post, which has an instruction video at the end.


Sustainability: The Greener Side of 3D Printing

As we ventured deeper into the world of 3D printing, we became increasingly aware of its sustainable potential, especially with our choice of filament: PLA (Polylactic Acid)

💡 What is PLA?
PLA, or Polylactic Acid, is a biodegradable thermoplastic derived from renewable resources like corn starch or sugarcane. It's a popular choice in the 3D printing community, especially for those mindful of environmental impacts.

Why Choose PLA for 3D Printing?

  • Eco-Friendly: PLA is biodegradable and compostable in industrial settings, breaking down significantly faster than traditional plastics.
  • Renewable Sources: Made from plants, PLA is a renewable alternative, reducing reliance on fossil fuel-based plastics.
  • Energy Efficient: Producing PLA typically requires less energy than conventional plastics, contributing to a lower carbon footprint.
  • User-Friendly: PLA prints at lower temperatures and emits a less offensive odor compared to other materials, making it a favorite in office and educational settings.

The Takeaway:
Embracing the Unknown

Our journey into 3D printing was more than just a foray into a new technology. It was a testament to our approach at Craft Clarity: to actively explore the unknown, to learn and adapt, and to find creative applications that benefit not just us, but our clients and partners too. We believe this mindset is crucial, not just in handling tech like 3D printers, but in all aspects of our work.

An Invitation to You

Are you contemplating a leap into the unknown, perhaps eyeing a new technology or an innovative approach that seems just out of reach? We encourage you to take that leap, no matter which technology you'd like to explore - be it Web3, AI, or even 3D printing.

At Craft Clarity, we're here to support your journey into the future. If you ever want to dive into these exciting technologies or have questions about how to get started, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We'd love to hear about your experiences and help you explore the endless possibilities.

Take the leap and reach out to us

That being said, the whole team at Craft Clarity wishes you and your loved ones Happy Holidays, without thinking too much about technology.

Your Team at Craft Clarity


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