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95% of organizations face a data decision gap

Struggling to integrate internal and external data for accurate and reliable decision-making? Close the gap with our market intelligence solutions!

56% higher returns for leaders who adopt design thinking

Ready to unleash your creativity and drive innovation? Embrace the power of design thinking and let's transform possibilities into realities. Let's pioneer innovation together!

90% of startups fail

Do you want to be another statistic? Let's rewrite the narrative together. Partner with us, and together, we'll turn challenges into opportunities for your success. With our guidance, let's put you on the path to joining the 10% that thrive.

Companies Boost Revenue by 39% and Slash Time to Market by 21% with Technology Solutions

Discover how our technology solutions can propel your business forward, driving substantial revenue growth and accelerating your time to market. Let us empower your success!
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$700,000 raised

We collaborated in raising $700,000 through the Patchwork Kingdoms NFT fundraising campaign for the Giga initiative supporting UNICEf's mission.


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Market Intelligence

Trend Analysis
Competitive Landscape Assessment
Customer Behaviour Insights
Technology Foresight
Ensure your competitive edge with our market intelligence services.

Design Strategy & Innovation

Innovation & Portfolio Management
Service Blueprinting
Ideation & Prototyping
Business Model Design
Whether you're an industry leader or an emerging startup, we offer innovative solutions that drive change.

Technical Consulting

Digital Transformation
Architecture Design & Optimization
Web Development
AWS/Google Cloud Architecture
Achieve success in the technology-driven world. Partner with us for expert, tailored solutions that enhance efficiency, drive innovation, and ensure scalability.

Sports Consultancy

Event Management
Fan Engagement
Anti-Doping Compliance
Match-Fixing Prevention
Whether you're a sports organization seeking to maintain integrity or an event organizer striving for excellence, Discover how our tailored sports consultancy services can drive your success.

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Patchwork Kingdoms

Partnering with Giga & Snowcrash to bring the UN's largest ever collection of NFTs to life.


Generative AI for images and music - done right.
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Website Relaunch with a modern design and state-of-the-art setup.

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