Patchwork Kingdoms


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UNICEF, the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund, is renowned for its humanitarian and developmental efforts worldwide. With a mission focused on children's well-being, UNICEF spearheads initiatives spanning education, healthcare, and protection. One of its landmark endeavors, the Giga initiative, ambitiously aims to connect every school globally to the internet by 2030. This initiative addresses the digital divide that affects over 1 billion children who lack quality internet access. The Giga initiative's monumental goal of universal internet access for schools necessitated substantial funding and innovative strategies. Engaging donors effectively and raising awareness about this initiative presented significant challenges.


We understand the importance of leveraging technology to create positive change at Craft Clarity. When UNICEF approached us with its ambitious Giga initiative, which aimed to connect every school worldwide to the Internet by 2030, we were excited to be part of this transformative project. Achieving such a monumental goal required significant funding and innovative approaches to effectively engage donors and raise awareness. As a trusted partner, we were tasked with developing a solution that would be the UN’s largest-ever NFT collection to mark the 75th anniversary of UNICEF.


Craft Clarity collaborated with UNICEF and Patchwork Kingdoms to address these challenges through a range of services:

  • Technical consulting: Offering expertise in cutting-edge Web3 technologies.
  • Website development: Crafting an interactive platform to engage donors and raise awareness.
  • Implementation of smart contracts: Deploying Ethereum blockchain solutions to facilitate secure and transparent transactions.
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Patchwork Kindoms yielded impressive outcomes:

  • The Patchwork Kingdoms NFT fundraising campaign raised over $700,000 for the Giga initiative.
  • Supporters developed a sense of ownership and connection to the Giga initiative through their participation.
  • The success of the campaign demonstrated the potential of NFTs and blockchain technology in philanthropy and social impact initiatives.


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