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Sureel is a pioneering company with a vision to revolutionize visual media creation using cutting-edge AI capabilities. Their innovative API infrastructure enables the deployment of generative AI visuals securely and at scale. Sureel's encrypted pipelines safeguard intellectual property (IP), while accelerated training techniques enable them to push creative boundaries rapidly.


Sureel faced a series of challenges in realizing its ambitious vision. Central to their endeavors was the need to define a comprehensive product strategy that would effectively align with market demands and capitalize on emerging opportunities. Additionally, the company grappled with the task of designing a scalable cloud architecture capable of meeting the rigorous performance standards demanded by their innovative AI capabilities. Ensuring the infrastructure could securely and efficiently support the deployment of AI-generated visuals further compounded these challenges.


Craft Clarity provided a suite of services to address Sureel's challenges:

  • Strategic Product Guidance: We collaborated with Sureel to refine its product roadmap and go-to-market strategy, focusing on high-value B2B use cases such as marketing visuals, branded content, creative exploration, and media editing.
  • Cloud Architecture Design: Our team designed Sureel's cloud-native architecture on AWS, incorporating scalable data pipelines, distributed model training, and a global API infrastructure.
  • Migration to Google Cloud: As Sureel's needs evolved, we facilitated a complex migration to Google Cloud, ensuring a seamless transition of compute, data, model training, and API components. This adaptation from the original AWS design enabled Sureel to leverage Google's global network, AI/ML stack, and scalable resources.
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Craft Clarity's contributions empowered Sureel to launch a groundbreaking suite of visual AI services, including:

  • Text-to-Image Generation for on-demand marketing visuals
  • Image Reimagining for exploring new creative directions
  • Style Transfer for achieving distinctive branded aesthetics
  • Image Blending for creating surreal branded compositions
  • ControlNet and Inpainting for precise editing control
  • The Google Cloud solution provided Sureel with effortless scalability and robust AI/ML capabilities to continuously refine its models.

As trusted partners, Craft Clarity continues to collaborate with Sureel to evolve their product roadmap and enhance the cloud architecture as they pioneer new frontiers in human-AI creativity. Sureel's groundbreaking work is transforming the possibilities of AI-powered visual expression, and Craft Clarity is honored to play a strategic role in powering their inspiring vision.


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